Production plant at Corinth


We are excited to announce a significant upgrade to our infrastructure that marks the next phase of our development.

After months of planning and preparation, our production facility in Corinth has expanded with the addition of a third industrial hall, allowing us to be even more efficient and precise in meeting increased demands.

Our new investment in the Corinth facility increases our footprint by 40%. The new hall will be used for metal element painting and fire protection, providing ample space for our team to work comfortably and safely.

Additionally, the new hall contributes to enhancing the environmental and ecological philosophy adopted by our company.

This expansion not only represents a step forward for us but also signifies a commitment to continuous improvement, progress, and growth. Soon, we will also proceed with the construction of a fourth hall!

Production facility in Corinth by drone
Production plant in Corinth by drone
Production facility in Corinth from inside
Production facility in Corinth from inside