CNC Beam Cutting


Our commitment to our customers is consistency and high quality in our constructions, which motivates us to continue investing in advanced equipment.

We are delighted to announce the addition of the CNC Beam Cutting and Drilling Line IBS 400 DG-KDU by Kaltenbach to our factory equipment in Corinth.

This specialized CNC technology machine offers high-precision cutting, drilling, and metal processing capabilities for various beam sizes.

The IBS 400 represents an advanced solution for efficient and precise processing of structural metal elements. It is capable to cut and drill efficiently small profiles like H-Beams, U-Beams and Angle bars. The machine operates from an industrial computer with a 21-inch touchscreen integrated into the control panel. Moreover, it's equipped with CNC control for fully automated positioning up to 4 axes.

Its quick and precise drilling features, automatic triple tool changer per axis, marking unit, and Easy Line software make this machine a significant step in enhancing our production capacity.

CNC Beam Cutting and Drilling Line
CNC Beam Cutting and Drilling Line
CNC Beam Cutting and Drilling Line